How do you know the snowmobile trail conditions are in good shape?   The local kids are out.  This is the parking area by our local k -8 school with snowmobiles parked in front of it.  If you were 12 – 15 and had a choice of a big yellow school bus or snowmobiling to school it is not a hard choice.  They are the envy of everyother kid sitting on a cold school bus this morning.  It is always fun to see at 3 pm when school gets out the kids running to their sleds with back packs on, you can feel the excitement they have being free and ready to head down the trail.

Light snow came down last night and it is dang cold!  High of 2 today and going down to -20 degrees without windchill figured in, tonight.  BURRRR  Temps rebounding for the weekend though so if you have the itch to come up it should be a nice weekend to enjoy either ski or snowmobile trails

My finger freezing to the camera shutter button, why did I go down the beach steps….

Not sure this picture captures the cold but believe me it is cold

Juxtaposition, the steps from the raft in the cold snow.

Are you done?  I am freezing my unmentionables off