We were only supposed to get 1 inch over night and 2 or 3 today…  We have way surpassed that.  It was a white knuckle drive down the unplowed Lower Kaubashine this morning on the way to school and coffee, we met the plow on the way.  Grant helped me out snapping a couple of pictures while I kept both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road

Highway 51 as seen through the camera lens by Grant with the windshield wiper getting in the way.  It was a slow crawl down 51 with steady snow coming down

One the way back I shot a snowmobilers dream, the Bearskin Trail thick with snow and no tracks to be seen.  I know the local kids were out as there were 10 sleds at the elementary school so I am not sure how the trail appeared trackless but it was for now.  I am sure it will not last long.  Many schools in the area called off but not MHLT or LUHS if in doubt jump on your sled with a back pack and get your butt to school.  Those poor kids who did sled to school have to look out the window in math class to see all this great snow coming down on their parked sled just outside the window.  TORTURE!

No Grant to help take this picture but no cars around so I figured it was safe.  20 seconds later after I put the camera away I ran into the plow on its return trip down the other side of Lower Kaubashine.  Get out of the way of the Plow!  I always give them as wide a berth as possible on Lower Kaubashine

The Kemp family snowed into Birchwood.  They are supposed ot leave today..  I don’t think they are going to be in any hurry to head out the driveway

I took a picture yesterday of the bird bath and you can compare this one to see what came down

The bear also looking like it is hibernating under all that snow.  Before I knew all this snow was coming down this morning laying in bed I was thinking of the maple trees and what supplies we need to pick up for Maple syruping and if I could talk Troy into a woodstove evaporator or building a sugar shack this spring…..  spring seemed closer before I looked out the window this morning…  No more thoughts about Maple syruping for awhile yet

Looking up at the loaded pines

I then went on a search for the bird house I always take a picture of…. only a corner was sticking out

Yep spring is a long way off for now.  However we had to buy our first jar of maple syrup from John at Minocqua Hardware for 13.00 last week.  Our supply has finally worn out and John brings syrup from his parents in Merrill that he sells.  Winter is ok for now but at 13.00 a jar I am starting to think about the smell of cooking maple syrup over a fire and the sound of drip drip drip…