Many folks who visit the resort know me and Troy, Steve and Craig… but have you met this character our silent partner, Katie.  Katie prefers to stay home in the off season and practice her fashion walk for the New York runway.  You are more apt to meet her on a warm Saturday in the summer cleaning cabins or at the beach with her kids when they come over in the summer.  She has an aversion to snow and cold as you can see from this ensemble and her son Conner does not like it when mom leaves the house in the winter to pick him up at school in this ensemble.

So if you ever wonder who that mysterious 3rd partner at the resort is, you have now met her and know that there is a reason we don’t let her show up at the resort the other 3 seasons, in her Elmer Fud hat and pajama pants

The true test if you are a partner at the resort is, can you drive the red boat… and she passes that test with flying colors… and can clean a bathroom lickety split and make a swinging bed with hospital corners almost as fast as I can.  We will keep her!

However don’t think for a minute that she does not manage to embarrass her son Conner even without the Elmer Fud Hat

Love Ya Katie