I snapped this picture of Mike and Jean staying in Holiday out enjoying their snow shoes in the thick snow that came down.  They are trying to become professional snowshoers before their friends Deb and Ben come up later in the week who are serious at snowshoeing.  Mike and Jean you are making many folks jealous in that picture having fun in the snow including me, as I had to go clean a cabin as soon as they went swooshing away, with Jean telling Mike they needed to go to town to find a coat for her that matched her neon orange snow shoes.  Mike just laughed…  I know what was on his mind, Minocqua Pizza Company not neon orange jackets

That is all you get today  as I have a pile of 50 deposit checks staring at me for summer.  If you are on the list of folks that have not contacted me to tell me you will send your deposit in later, please get ahold of me and and let me know your plans, deposits were due January 20th and I will start my phone calls as soon as I get through this pile of deposits.  Why you ask is January 20th the due date?  It is elementary Dear Watson, the first 1/2 of Wisconsin property taxes is due January 31st and that is a bill you don’t want to pay at a resort:)