3 pm Freedom from School and time to head down the trail!!  YIPEE

I have written many times about the kids snowmobiling to school at our local elementary.  Today there were about 20 sleds in front of the school and at 3 pm they were running out of school with their helmets on.  I was going to snap a picture of that but Ben and Grant were to embarrassed that their mom would be considered a stalker snapping pictures of their friends from the car window, so I refrained.  We headed to the gas station from school and low and behold 2 of Ben’s friends pulled in behind us on their sleds and I asked if I could take their picture and got a thumbs up.  The above picture is Ben’s buddy Michael happy as a lark to be let loose from school and just looking for a quick fill up before racing his cousin down the trail

You thought I was joking about the backpacks being worn from school on the snowmobile.  I am sure Michael is racing straight home to work on Math:)

Instead they had mom and dad’s credit card and were doing a quick fill up with his cousin Adam.  I remember these 2 on the first day of kindergarden many years ago….  now they are using credit cards and heading down the trail at moc 10..  where does the time go

Have fun boys and stay safe! and get that math done!!!

In other news…

Olga was happily helping me put Kaubashine’s kitchen back together.  She is a fan of the new shelves!

And the news gets better, after 2 conference road losses, Lakeland beat Merrill on the road last night.  Now on to Prentice on Saturday for a non conference game.  Old cool gym and home town ref’s could be interesting…