After all the beautiful new snow we got I decided to take a hike out on to the lake to the snowmobile trail.  Something is wrong with this picture…..

Yep that is chicken little racing ahead of me bounding out on to the lake without any coaxing.  I think this was about the time last year he decided the lake was not going to eat him

How to enjoy the new snow, insert your entire head down into the fluffy white stuff

As I stepped out on to the lake I realized this was not going to be an easy hike out.  The days of whizzing out to the middle on ice skates are long gone

Mack:  You are taking FOREVER!!

Since you are taking FOREVER, it is time for me to investigate what is under the snow..

Head First, there must be something down there…. it bings and bongs….  something is under my feet

Jeez you are slow, I think you should have fed me more of your Christmas cookies when I looked pitifully at you instead of eating them yourself and taking FOREVER to walk through the snow

Bright sun reflecting off the new snow

I see the trail…. is it alive… will it eat me and….  wow there is another side to the lake…..

Slight difference in our 2 trails out to the middle of the lake

Oh I have heard rumors of the other side of the lake….  Sasquatch that like to eat golden retrievers… or is that the land of bacon, all the bacon you can eat

The trail… continuing endlessly in all directions..

Had enough, we made it to the trail and I am not sure if the otherside is the land of Sasquatch or Bacon.  Time to head back to the woodstove, please step on it and move faster please!  Time to go home

I smell bacon coming from my own Home Sweet Home

Shoreline in fresh snow

Just as we headed up the steps an happy snowmobiler crossed the lake enjoying the great conditions

Stay tuned tomorrow:  What are the guys up to next?