After transferring all my blog files over to the new server we are in business again.  I am hoping the new server does not go down as much as the last one.  I heard grumblings about how big the blog was to move from  my new web hoster.  Just glad it transferred everything over in one piece.  I have not been taking pictures the last few days having a little camera holiday.  So back into the old picture file.  I found this oldie but goodie of another car I would love to have in my driveway again with Millie

Grandpa Maynard with Susie the deer, his pet that he raised and had roaming around the resort for a few years

No time for more today.  Saw a scary scene at our Elementary School, my heart dropped when I saw the police with flashers going by the driveway of the elementary school where the snowmobile kids cross to get to school.  Car did a 360 down in the ditch and a 8th grader was being helped by adults back up to his sled.  I think all are ok, ambulance went away with the kid in it, but without the flashers or siren going.  I heard he was just shook up.  Hoping all is well