Why a picture of the wheel of my car?  Which I love by the way a HHR Chevrolet stick shift…  funnest car I have driven since my stick shift Ford Escort we gave up when we reached 2 kids.  What can I say I am from the Mid West and I don’t need a fast fancy car, just an economical fun stick shift to drive. After 12 years of driving a minivan, it does not take much to make us feel zippy.  Now why did I picture the wheel of my car…  Oh yeah, because for the first time in weeks there is not tons of ice and snow blocking the wheel wells.  This poor car had so much ice and snow built up a week ago, it started shuttering when it hit 50 and had to spend over night in the local garage to unthaw… I was stuck once again driving the minivan til it unthawed.  So the point is, I do have one I think, it has been warm enough the last couple of days that the ice finally came off on its own and the silver bullet mobster car and I are flying down Lower Kaubashine once again, with a paranoid Golden Retriever along for the ride.

Temps are no where as warm as to the south.  We are reaching low 30’s to mid 30’s all week.  Hopefully not warm enough to damage our snow too much, but just warm enough to keep my car deiced.  They are even calling for possibly a it of snow on the weekend.

Woods by Shamrock snow covered

I think the bird bath does a good job with now much snow is on the ground.  The depth you see here is pretty accurate.  Not sure how the snowmobile trails will do through this warm up, I am sure the ski trails will be fine