Everyone else is snow starved around the country and we were pleasantly surprised to wake up to light snow in the trees.  Mid 30’s are taking a bit of a toll on the snow but we are doing ok so far.  Ski trails should be good this weekend.  Right now the snowmobile trail is holding up on the road, but  not sure for how long if the sun comes out.  The highest temps I see in forecast is mid to upper 30’s.  So getting every flake of snow we can, and happy to be a snow haven for anyone that is feeling the shakes from looking at brown ground at home

Main gate coming into the resort looking fresh with the light snow in the trees

I love the look for fresh snow looking up at the trees

For anyone that tunes in for the Bearskin trail update.  Not sure what to tell you.  For now it is holding up, it will depend on how warm we get if the road trails hold together

Someone else is enjoying rolling in the new snow