It has been warm up here but not as bad as the south.  I was in Black River Falls this weekend and saw the small amount of snow to the South and was happy to get back to the snow we have up North.   WIth temps close to 40 this weekend I think this picture portrays how much snow is here.  We still have a good amount on the ground.  Skiing is doing ok, Winter Park had over 230 racers at the Wold Track Rendezvous this weekend, who all said they were thrilled with  the conditions.  Snowmobilers are not saying the same thing, the trails have really taken a beating, I would say right now unless you are snowmobiling playing around on a lake it is very hard to get around in the area til we get more snow

Ice Fishing, or skiing things are just fine and cold temps this week will hopefully preserve what we have for the weekend til we get more snow

Sitting area by Muskie, again I think it gives a good idea of the amount of snow

I was hoping to catch a picture of the elusive Mandy Hixson for her relatives, but everyone was still sleeping in Muskie.  I heard they had fun ice fishing this weekend with the dogs on the ice.  Snowmobiling today is being put on hold.  The rental places will trailer the sleds over to use on the lake but it sounds like they are going to just stick to ice fishing.  Everyone is enjoying being able to play in the snow that we do have

Heading outside to do a snow dance and get some cabins cleaned up for the High School X Country Championships this weekend.  The resort will be over run with teens and parents this weekend.