Dear Dog Owners.  Most of you are great and I love dogs and having extra dogs around playing with Mack.  However…. a very few dog owners drive me nuts.  Some people think they can allow their dog to sleep with them or jump up on my blankets….. GRRRRRR……  When this happens I have an eagle eye for pet hair and take them out of cabins.  I make 99 percent of the beds in the resort so that I can keep an eye out for this problem.  I then get to spend an afternoon tape rolling blankets, washing them and then tape rolling them a 2nd time to make sure I have gotten all the hair out.  Please if you are a dog owner that comes to the resort do me a favor and do not allow this to happen, for my sanity.  If you are part of the 99% of dog owners that follow our rules and are respectful I love you! and appreciate your efforts

While on the subject of dogs….  Dogs on the furniture….  If you have a small lap dog that absolutely insists on being in your lap to be king of the world, bring along an old blanket to cover our couch so they do not get scratched or hair.  If you have a medium sized or large dog, THEY SHOULD NEVER, NEVER be on my furniture even with a blanket!!  This drives me nuts.  Our furniture is not for DOGS! it is for people.  If you allow this at home, that is your home.  Please respect my home and my rules

Ok I am done venting, lecture over… back to tape rolling…  I promise pretty pictures tomorrow to make up to everyone else for my need to vent today.  Those in the 99% know that I appreciate you!