Uh Oh, chop saw out…. what is he up to?  Yep his wife volunteered him to work on something doesn’t he look thrilled.  The High School Championship X Country races are going on this weekend at Winter Park and somehow my hand went up at a meeting volunteering the Black’s Cliff John Deer Gator and Trailer to be used as a shuttle for parking at Winter Park.  Forgot to tell Troy this minor detail… but after being married to me for 20 years he is used to these small snafoos and kindly got the chop saw out to make some modifications to the Gator trailer

Adding a little more hight to the sides

Chain saw out to make some seats for the trailer

Perfect sized log to make a seat.  Luckily x country skiers work out a lot and do not need really wide seats

Troy grumbling…. she is lucky I come with many power tools and know how to use them…

Trailer ready to go with sign

Enough seating for 8 plus all their skis.  Winter Park here we come!!  Now to get the equipment trailer tomorrow to load this on and take it to the park.  The local police frowned on driving it the 8 miles on town roads so it all gets loaded up tomorrow.  Thank goodness for husbands!

In other news, the first of the new carpet got laid this week in Red Pine, it really brightened the place up.

The new carpet really makes the downstairs bedroom nice.  After the weekend they have one more bedroom and the upstairs livingroom to put the new carpet in and I heard talk of a light in the upstairs shower, along with new bathroom lights.  The things the guys get done.  Love them and their power tools, I will just keep cleaning toilets while they fix things