I spent my Saturday at Winter Park for the High School Championships, but did not bring my camera as I was busy driving the Gator as the parking shuttle.  I will share pictures of that when I get some shared to me.  In the meantime at the same time that I was shivering at – 20 driving the Gator a whole other spectacle was going on in Minocqua, Cruiser Fest.  Much different scenery than I was seeing at Winter Park.  This is from the air in the Aqua Bowl by the Thirsty Whale.  All gather for races on the lake

Another shot showing the Island City and all the trucks on the lake and sleds

the Bearskin Trestle in the background.  Let the races begin

Had I been there, these would have been my favorite to watch. The Kitty Cat Racers.

They also had antique snowmobiles out on the ice.  Anything that had to do with snowmobiling was on the ice

Then come the more serious racers.

They fly across the ice.  Then there is a different division….

Things that make you go hmmmmm…….

Keep in mind it is -20 without a windchill

She sure looks like she knows what she is doing and would go just as fast with clothes on…. but that is the mom in me.  We definitely did not see bikini’s out at Winter Park for the Highschool X Country Championships

The guy in the middle needs to wipe the drool off his face.  You would think he had never seen a bikini before.. winter does get a little long up here..

She was listening to her mother and put a few more clothes on, but she still looks cold

This one though in my favorite, where is the guy with the drool

Yep only in Minocqua.