There are a few things that get us through the end of the winter.  For Troy one of his pass times is watching and identifying birds.  The Great American Back Yard Bird Count is going on this weekend.  I put the link to it above.  For 4 days you go outside for 15 minutes and count the birds and types of birds you see.  Personally I have a hard time telling a creeper from a nuthatch, but Troy and his 4H background can spot the differences a mile away.

We had one other unusual appearance in our driveway

We were both completely surprised to see a Dominos delivery in our driveway.  Never has a pizza place been willing to deliver to the resort until Dominos…  Now I will be the first to say that Dominos is not my favorite, Minocqua Pizza Company and Tasty Take and Bake both mom and pop owned and run pizzarias are my usual pizza haunts but they do not deliver…  Ohh almost forgot Monical’s in Woodruff also a great spot

I wish the rest had a friendly delivery guy like Dominos..  so if you are looking for fast delivery give them a call, we now fall under their area for delivery.

Brings back memories of college for me

As winter winds down, so do the puzzles.  Troy completed this one mainly on his own with stubborn determination to do the dark area.  This one had a lot of the same colors that made me cross eyed but he enjoyed it.  Thanks Barb for entertaining Troy and making Winter move along a little faster by dropping this puzzle off for him