The sun came up… the snow is here…. more is on the way…. and at this time of winter we start to feel like this stump..  no other inspiring pictures were coming this morning.  Instead, I have been working on my family album for last fall on Walgreens.  Each season I publish a new album of current pictures and the boys look forward to them.  I have been a little lazy getting out the fall one and was trying to figure out how to copy some of Katie’s pictures from her account into mine.  This has been a constant battle between the two of us, her claiming it was easy and explaining it a few times.  Me moaning about slow internet at the resort and not being able to find the correct way to copy pics except one by one which is unbearable slow….  Finally I found the button on Walgreens she has claimed was there all the time, but I am arguing just appeared that allows you to copy as many as you want at one time.. Shh.. don’t tell her she was right, it throws off the entire sibling dynamic when the little sister was right and wise

In the process of finding the copy button to my Walgreens account, I also found the Download to your computer button..  Now here is a button I know I have not seen before and I gave it a try and Wa La, I had some of Katie’s old pictures on my computer.. Get them on my computer and I can upload them to the blog..  So here is the first few I stole from her..  Just don’t tell her please.  She entitled these pictures “Those Glorious 70’s”

Grandpa Maynard showing off his favorite Christmas present

Does this remind you of anyone around the resort… Craig… or Steve…

And who are these 2 scally wags dressed in full 70’s regalia

That purple Artic Cat suit is classic and now worth money.  We still have it in the basement somewhere.  Can you already see how much Katie loves Ice Fishing…  I can guarantee there is a pout on her face and she is concocting a reason to go up to the house and play Fisher Price Toys

Grandma Millie enjoying Winter with one of her Grandkids…

This lone older picture was also in the file.  It is not our old resort ski boat.. Not sure who the ladies are that Maynard is giving rides to, I am pretty sure none of them are Millie

Til tomorrow when the new snow comes and the stump gets a little more buried in the snow.  Til then I have some work to do on Walgreens Photo