This was the view out of Wigwam this morning with big flakes coming down.  It looks like Winter is making quite a come back this week with snow coming and going and a bigger storm talked about Sunday into Monday

Looking very wintery yet around the resort

WHile I was busy cleaning cabins the guys were finishing the carpeting in Red Pine.  They had to take a 2 week hiatus from working on things and joined me on the cleaning crew to keep up with the change over the last couple of weekends.  Now I am on my own for awhile while they start ripping into things

I let out a yelp when I saw this….  my good antique night stand being used as a saw horse…  Troy quickly denied that he uses this

Not a sight I like to see…  although I do like the carpet better

Downstairs King room looking brighter and nicer

From the wilds of Arizona I had this interesting picture sent to me.  I believe Craig is enjoying his retirement and not missing laying carpet from the look of him

I am not sure who looks better in the pink hat or more relaxed, Craig or Lynnette

I can’t wait to hear what their new friends had to say about their choice of hats.

Word of Warning, Craig and Lynnette have joined the rest of the world with Apple I phones, and they are figuring out how to use them better than I can.  Taking pictures, texting pictures, Facetime..  when will it stop to amaze me.  Craig’s new haunt is the Apple Store where he is making up for 20 years of not paying attention to technology in one winter