What do you do when the winter is long…  Finish all the little things the boss asked for, before leaving for Arizona.  Top of the list finding out what all the circuits do in the back of Wigwam and making sure they are labeled correctly.  Troy and Steve yelling through the wall at one another as Steve shut off each braker.

Steve had Craig’s notes on what he thought each circuit did.  What I love here is the letter head of the note pad.  Before Craig retired from Nicolet College he made sure to have plenty of office supplies for his retirement..

After circuits were figured out, time to spend some more time cleaning out the basement shop of 100 years of ‘stuff’ that all had a good purpose at one time or another.  Wheel barrow on its way to the recycling and dumpster

Clean shelves.. when was the last time we had clean shelves in the basement?

Nuts, bolts.. nails..  we got a lot of them

The work continues and a corner or two gets cleaned out each week.  It may just make it to being organized by June