One of our most creative guests, Yolanda Lennart, visited the resort this week.  Yolanda is always making something.  This time Mack was the recipient of a wonderful “Greeter” scarf that Yolanda made.  Mack has never been decorated before besides some jingle bells at Christmas and he was not to sure about it.  In the end I think he was all for the scarf just not a bow at the bottom as he proceeded to chew that off.  Thanks Yolanda for styling Mack.

It was a very light fluffy snow coming down shimmering in the sunlight.  It did not add up to much but it was very pretty.  Everyone skiing this weekend reported great conditons.  Nobody snowmobiling, maybe next weekend might be the last ho rah for snowmobiling if we get the snow mid week that they are talking about in the weather

This is where I wish I was a better photographer to pick up the shimmers in the snowflakes.  This was the best I could do, but I think you get the idea