I am going to blame today’s issues with Mack to his trama yesterday from Steve.  Steve came in at lunch and turned on the radio in our house that uses the speaker system in the whole house.  We do not do this very often and I think Mack thought that voices from the pits of hell were haunting him around the house and he had no idea which way to turn except to glue himself to Troy or my knee til the voices stopped haunting him.  Steve got quite a chuckle out of it.  But the trama I think was hard for Mack to get over

Today new snow was coming down as the storm was just starting.  I decided to head to the lake to take some pics and called Mack to join me so I would have a subject to shoot in the snow.  After chasing him around the outside of the house for 5 minutes, he relented to going down the steps with me to the beach.  He gets to the bottom of the steps and bails out to cower behind the docks.  This is the same look he had yesterday with the voices in the house.  What his problem was with going down to the beach I have no idea.  He gave up his fear of the ice just after Christmas and has been down there consistently… but the voices… the voices…

Running through Mack’s mind “You are making fun of me, knock it off or I will keep pooping between the house and Birchwood and laugh everytime you have to pick up a pile”

Mad dash away from the voices! and up the steps not to be seen again

So he left me to take pictures without a live subject.

Now coming down heavily.  We are projected to get anywhere from 8 – 15 inches by Wednesday night I have heard

The ice out contest begins March 1st… and I don’t think the lake is melting anytime soon.  Start thinking of your guesses

I make it to the top of the steps with snow on my lens to be greeted by this look from Mack

I am not talking about my issues, the voices in my head made me do it, I am so embarassed