I think this picture sums up how much snow we got today.  We finally got Muskie Inn dug out so guests could arrive today.

The Haas’s made it in the driveway by noon, reporting the roads in good shape til they got to the side roads and then got to our unplowed resort.  Jim decided to take his chances and plowed through the snow in his Jeep.

We could have filmed a Jeep commercial at the resort with Jim making it in the unplowed driveway.  Steve had our plow truck and was plowing out his own driveway before making it to the resort.  He got stuck in his driveway 4 times, using a winch to get unstuck and lots of shoveling.  He looked a little shell shocked when he finally made it to the resort at noon to start plowing

Taking the first swipes at the driveway.  He was not slowing down for my pictures so I knew it was some nasty plowing.  He learned to take the snow in layers, not putting the plow all the way down or he got bogged down

I have a winch and nothing will stop me!

I climbed on top of a snow pile to get this picture.  The missing picture is when I sunk in the snow drift past my hip and could not get out of the bank.  The things I will do to get a good shot…  I thought Steve was going to have to dig me out

Swinging around the driveway hitting the fresh snow

My favorite plow picture of the day when Steve hit this bank.  This is when plowing is fun.  Eat your heart out Dad in Arizona

Holiday needing to be plowed out so Jimmy Cikowski and the boys could arrive and go ice fishing.  Jimmy and the crew made it safely to the resort and I will have pictures for Al and Roberta tomorrow of them icefishing

One of the strangest snow formations of the day.  I wondered what was under all that snow.. a grill that got buried?

Ben plowed into it but there was nothing in the pile, not sure why it formed

Kaubashine in the snow

Troy shoveling out Shamrock with the blowing snow

19 inches of snow piled up

Birchwood with its own strange snow formations, layer after layer

Time to go shovel more snow.  Not fair, all our friends have the day off and we have to shovel…  That is what happens when you live at a resort

Mack shedding all his snowballs that built up on his coat in the middle of our livingroom.  I think we have had enough snow for one day