The Cikowski crew made it through the snow on Wednesday to set up Ice Fishing camp in front of Holiday.  They had to work their way through the snow and slush to set up.  I don’t think they are moving far now that they have a trail dug to the fishing holes

Every year I get this same picture of Fritz sitting on a bucket enjoying doing nothing.

Jimmy was the farthest out with the advice that I not take one step closer since I did not have my boots on and my shoes were going to sink in the slushy mess that was surrounding their fishing holes

Tommy showing off their big catches so far.  Even with these 2 small fish he had a big smile on his face, enjoying a fun afternoon on Lower Kaubashine

Following their trail back to shore before I sank into slushy mess

Anyone that complains about going up these steps in the summer should try them in the winter full of snow and they will never complain again

After plowing out, the firepit wood pile was buried in the fresh snow

Garbage cans dug out of the thick snow