March is here and our old buddy Cliff decided it was time to peak out of the basement and see if it was warm enough to come out.  After last weeks storm he was in no hurry to get out of the basement (and Jenny spent 3 days at a Muskie Expo show this weekend and possibly did not have time to encourage him to make an apperance)  Which ever story you choose to believe, it is time for Ice Out 2012 to start.  I know many have been waiting on pins and needles to get their guesses in as to when Cliff will sink into the depths of Lower Kaubashine

Cliff took up his usual spot about 50 feet from shore.  Same rules as always

1.  Send in the date you pick that Cliff will sink into Lower Kauabashine along with 5 dollars per guess to Black’s Cliff Ice Out Contest  PO Box 125 Hazelhurst WI 54531

2.  Half of the money collected will go into the pot to be split with the winners and half will go to charity.  As usual the Northwoods Wildlife hospital is always one of Cliff’s favorite spots to give a little

3.  Troy and Jenny will be the judges as to which day he sinks.  If he sinks after sunset and Troy and Jenny do not spot him til the next day, due to the fact that they are not going to sleep down at the lake with spot lights on Cliff, his sinking will be credited to the following day.

4.  All guesses must be in our mail box by March 20th

Let the games begin!

It is a lonely vigil and if anyone wants to come visit the poor guy please stop in and take a picture with him.  I hear the Schmelzer and Moore families will be some of the first to stop in.  Cliff is ready for any surprises they may bring