Winter is still hanging on for one more day.  A fresh dusting came down last night

We still have about a foot on the ground depending on where you go.  I have snowmobilers, snowshoer’s and skiers all here this weekend to catch the last of the snow to play in.  Every time someone from the south arrives they are in astonishment as to how much snow we still have

We have about 30 taps now all set to collect sap as soon as the temps go above 32 degrees.  Yesterday a few of them started slowly dripping in the late afternoon.  Looking at the temps next week I am getting a little worried it is going to be a short season.  We need temps to go to about 40 in the afternoon and down below freezing at night to drive the sap back down.  It might be a fast and furious sapping season this year.  I hear the maple folks out in Vermont were not happy with how warm it got this year and it killed a lot of their season.  Syrup prices will be up this year, so I am even more determined to make sure we get enough.  Now if the temps would just creep up a little bit today things will get flowing

In Remodeling news..

Troy and Steve got the new shower through the bathroom door without having to take the frame apart.  They were very happy about this accomplishment

Tommy Cikowski sent me a couple of icefishing pics from last week.  The guys landed this nice Muskie.  Not sure how they get these big fish through small ice holes but they got this one.  These guys always manage to find some nice Muskie’s everytime they fish and have been fishing Lower Kaubashine for as long as they can remember

A few others laid out on the ice.  Best thing about ice fishing, you don’t have to worry about the fish spoiling before you go up

Jimmy and a friend.  See you guys in May!

Big thank you to Tommy Cikowski for taking the time to email these pictures