Spring Break happened and Cliff could not go with us this year as it has been warming up and he had to stay at his post so Cleo and Helga Cliff’s cousins decided to join us.  Stay tuned for their adventures while Cliff stays on Lower Kaubashine.

Helga and Cleo are quite a pair.  I wonder what security will think where we are going….  They have bikini’s, and Chlorine in their future

In the mean time the office has moved to Muskie Inn.  Char and Karey are in charge of the place along with keeping Mack in line.  Mack is waiting for his yummy snacks that he heard Char was bringing him to get him over his loneliness.

Last I heard Char and Karey arrived and their cockopoo Lucy had Mack running for home looking for his boys.  The resort is in very capable hands while we are gone with Cleo and Helga.  Those crazy Moores are also making an appearance I heard with a steak bone to tied Mack over