Cleo and Helga have been having the time of their lives away from the resort for the week.  What I would not have give to see the look on this life guards face when Cleo and Helga came down the slide together.  I do know Troy got quit a chuckle our of it behind me as I took the picture

Hmm think we could pull it off again?  Cleo really needs to run up to the room and shave her legs before trying that again

After almost being thrown out of the pool, Cleo and Helga headed for the walking trails of the Wisconsin Dells

The beautiful gorge trail, much safer than the water slides.

Cleo and Helga spotted these really cute national track stars but before they knew it the guys took off.  I think it was Cleo’s unshaven legs that had them sprinting away

Stay tuned for the further adventures of Cleo and Helga as they crash a couple of UW campus’s and go over the river and through the woods to Grandma’s house.  They are armed and ready to take out anyone in their way to Grandma’s house