This blog entry is dedicated to John Thompson Jr. who was in the battle of his life this week with a brain aneurysm which he survived but is sitting in a hospital in Colorado recovering.  John, may these pictures make your day in the hospital go a little faster and give you a reason to get out of bed and make it back up North this summer.  We all pray that your road is much easier than it has been this week for you and your family

Sunrise on Lower Kaubashine.  I gave Ken Ross my camera Saturday night and told him John’s story and asked him if in his early morning walk who could take my camera along and take pictures of what he would like to see if he was sitting in a hospital bed.  Thanks to Ken for sharing the sunrise on Lower Kaubashine

Mists across the lunar landscape of Lower Kaubashine

Ken was fascinated by the lunar landscape of the ice covered lake

the things sticking up out of the ice

John and Ken (above) have never met but they have stayed 2 weeks in Muskie Inn for most of their lives.  Ken’s family the Schmelzer’s stay in Muskie the middle 2 weeks on July and John’s family arrives the day Ken’s family leaves and it has been that way since as long as I can remember.  They have never met but are part of the same Black’s Cliff family that loves Lower Kaubashine and swinging on a swinging bed on a lazy summer afternoon.  So they have more in common than most folks that have never met and Ken had no problem understanding what pictures John would like to see sitting in a hospital bed in Colorado

Lets hope both Ken and John share this connection for many, many years to come.  And big thanks to Ken for waking up early and sharing with John a sunrise from Lower Kaubashine