For now Cliff is hanging on but with temps in the mid 70’s it may not be long til he takes the plung

Ice receding fast from the edge.  I took this picture at noon on Monday.  Missing pic is the raft completely free of ice

While blowing leaves we decided it was a great day to boil down the sap we collected from the maple trees.  Early spring is great for many things.. but not for maple sapping..  We only got about 4 buckets of sap from 25 total taps.  Some trees never produced anything.  We will be lucky this year to get 2 quarts of syrup.  Last year I think we did about 20 and had enough til January for pancakes once a week.  Everywhere in the country maple syrup producers are crying.  Real Maple Syrup is going to become as precious as gold this year with the horrible harvest that everyone in the country had.