We went down to the beach this morning to find Cliff sunk into the ice.  Warm winds and rain last night knocked him down from his perch.  Here he is at a warm sunrise, I am sure the lake is quite chilly yet

Sunrises don’t get prettier than this


Officially in the lake on the earliest date yet March 20th.  Now who won everyone is wondering….  I had not published the list until I had all the guesses in.  Next year the date for guessing will move to March 15th not the 20th as it was this year

Here is the official list

March 18th Jodi (Cikowski family)

March 20th John Wrobel (our official 2012 winner)

March 21st Linda Wrobel

March 26th Katie Scully (Schmelzer Family)

March 27th Kip (Cikowski Family)

March 28th Sam Scully (Schmelzer Family) and Jim Kotowicz

March 30th Dan Ross (Schmelzer Family)

March 31st Nancy Kotowicz

April 1st Cody (Cikowski Family)

April 2nd Jimmy Cikowski

April 3rd Mike Thompson

April 4th Jim Ross (Schmelzer Family)

April 5th Paul Wieloch and Mike Grady

April 6th Fritz (Cikowski Family)

April 8th Suzi Thompson

April 9th Al Cikowski

April 10th Roberta Cikowski, Rob Moore, John Thompson Sr and our only dog entry Carmela Grady

April 11th Lindy (Cikowski Family)

April 12th Linda Hoadley

April 13th Barb Moore and Ruth Grady and Tommy Cikowski

April 14th Karen Thompson

April 15th Bob Moore

April 16th Emily (Cikowski Family)

April 20th John Thompson Jr

Our Official 2012 winner is John Wrobel who wins 77.50 dollars and the Wildlife Center will get the other 77.50.  Runners up Jodi, Linda Wrobel, Katie Scully, Kip and Sam Scully will all receive 5 dollar coupons to Hilltop.

Pulling Cliff Out of the water was fun.  We left him floating and came back and he had disapeared

Where did he go?  Somewhere at the end of the rope is something..

Pulling in something bigger than a Muskie

Heavy and water logged

He has a year to dry out until Ice Out 2013.  Thanks for joining us for a very short contest this year