Last weekend Jim and Ellen Eberle watched the resort for us, so we could get together with our friends for a college reunion for UW River Falls where we both graduated from.  Ellen snapped these great pics while enjoying a spring weekend in the Northwoods.   They had to recover from the fact that Paul Bunyans is not open yet for the season for them to get their donut fix.

Jim enjoying the different look of the lake in March with the mists

I heard a rumor Jim and the boys flipped a boat in and did a little pan fishing

Thanks again to Ellen, Jim and the boys for keeping an eye on Mack, the resort and the guinea pigs.  See you in August

Once we got back, it was back to work laying carpet.  Steve and Troy have spent the last week laying new carpets in Kaubashine, Wigwam, Holiday and one bedroom of Norway (they ran out of carpet)  Now to get on to fixing the cupboards in Holiday under the sink and the bathroom downstairs of Bear Den and who knows where they go from there

Note to Craig.  Yep we bought new glue and stole the nail gun from your basement