Something happened last night and I am not talking about it.  Gonna have a talk with Mother Nature about the unfairness of 70 degree temps in March and then giving us this picture.  Once it hits 70, this picture should not happen again for a long time, it messes with our minds

It causes us to stay inside and boil down the small amount of maple sap we collected this year due to the 70 degree temps.  Last year I think we got about 20 jars of syrup, this year with 10 more taps than last year we got this small amount.  It is not going to last for pancakes until January like last years supply.  Maple syrup this year is as valuable as gold.  It also came out a very dark brown.  Usually it was a honey brown and as the season went, darkened.  Don’t ask me why, just something I noticed and intend on talking with Mother Nature if I ever track her down

Definitely dark color this year

I am happy to report that things in Colorado with Johnny Thompson are going much better than last week.  I thought Johnny might need a reason to get out of his hospital bed this week and decided to send him a little incentive.  It will definitely give him and the nurses and doctors something to talk about when they come in the room to see it.  I suggest to the Thompson family that you all gather around the room when Johnny opens it.  There is no peeking!  Johnny has to open it first.  The ladies that packed it up for me at Trig’s got a bit of a laugh as well and took this picture for me