If you have been to the resort and not taken some time to walk down the road to our stream you have missed something.  Besides the 10 or so acres the resort sits on and the 40 across the road from the resort we quietly purchased about 15 years ago a 40 down the road that has this stream flowing through it called Kitty Creek, because it is fed by Kitty Springs on the other side of the road.  This spot is about 10 – 15 minute walk from the resort about 1/8th of a mile past Hilltop on Lower Kaubashine Road.  Ask us for directions when you are here.  Many times you will spot blue herons and all sorts of other birds in the stream

This 40 has also been nick named Steve’s Swamp as he is the one that knows it better than most having tramped from one end to the other doing battle with beavers and ticks to tame it just a bit.  You will notice spots where he has trimmed trees to make for better walking or put a board across mucky spots.  He has also been known to dress up as an ogre and chase 10 year olds on birthday parties in a game of tag through the swamp.  I had mothers tell me that they did not know how they would top the swamp party we had one time and does Steve rent himself out for parties?

The cedar and balsams over grow the creek and invite kids to have fun in the stream as many generations of our family have done

I know of a few people that have taken a fall in the creek here

It sometimes reminds me of the book Tuck Everlasting

So if you need a place to walk and have not visited this unique spot make sure to ask.  If bugs are out make sure to bring the OFF, mosquitoes and ticks can be bad at certain times of year but worth the effort to listen to the stream go over the rocks.  We only ask that you enjoy but leave it as you found it