Most folks who read the blog have gotten to know some of the folks that share pictures with me of their travels in the Northwoods.  John and Linda Wrobel are one of those couples, you might remember John from a recent picture with Cliff winning the ice out contest.  John and Linda have discovered the treasure that is the UP and how close it is to our area.  Going up to see the numerous water falls in the area in the spring when the flow is the best is something awesome to see and a reason to come up North in March, April and May.  Linda sent me this link for the water fall above

This is the Presque Isle River on hwy 519 just outside of Wakefield on the way to the Porcupine Mountains (another great side trip that is a little longer but well worth the drive)

is the link for info on this area

Here is Linda’s directions for what they experienced

Once you get to the South Boundary Road of the park on Hwy 519 you keep
going a bit farther north past the ranger station to a parking lot.  There
is an East River Trail and a West River Trail.  You can make a loop on both
trails.  From the parking lot we went south on the West River Trail to
Manido Falls first, then came back on north on the trail to Manabezho Falls,
then a bit farther north to a suspension bridge, crossed over it and
continued north to Lake Superior.  There is a boardwalk much of the way with
many steps.

We had never been, heard it was beautiful and we weren’t disappointed.  I’d
say about 1 1/2 to 1 3/4 hours from Minocqua.

Ending up flowing into Lake Superior
Thanks for sharing your amazing pictures Linda.  I now have a 2nd waterfall tour to send people on.  I have sent many folks to the Black River Waterfalls in Bessemer along with Copper Peak and this will be a nice 2nd place.  Amazing, Troy and I may have to take a little trip up there this spring