I had a correction on yesterdays blog entry.  I never worked with my grandfather.  My best memory was him putting up with me trying to put curlers in his hair and having me yell to  the old indian across the lake who would yell back at me (his way of explaining to a 5 year old what an echo was)  He was terribly embarrassed when he did not know what his tiny 5 year old granddaughter was going to yell when I belted out the word I had heard someone (possibly my mother or father) use loudly “Bull____”  When this happened the lake happened to be full of fishermen in front of my grandfather’s dock and I was told he turned red and very quickly hustled me inside and did not speak again about the old indian across the lake wondering what new word I would belt out to echo across the lake

Long story short, I never worked with him.  Unlike my father so I have to amend yesterdays blog entry about Maynard’s dock building expertise.  Here was my father, Craig’s immediate response in the comment section of the blog which many may have missed if you do not look at the comments

What is wrong with this picture . Maynard would never never never build a dock like this first of all the boards are straight and new in the old days they would’ve been spliced together these also look like new boards fathers would have been red green and maybe a touch of orange on them but never never new!!!!!!

I stand corrected.  Dock building has come a long way since Maynard’s day, but it has had a profound effect on my father Craig which you will see in the following pictures

I did not have a picture of them building anything together but I thought this picture summed up son learning to work from father.  I am sure that Maynard got every last hour of work out of that old lawn mower that Craig is holding.  My grandma Millie and Uncle Dave are also in the picture.

Now being frugal to the point of straightening nails splicing together boards for docks out of old lumber.. what effect did that have on my father Craig…  See below

If you look around the resort carefully and take stock you will find a small lumber yard squirreled away all over the place.  I will point out that not all the boards are straight and none of them were bought at full price, more like 10 cents on the dollar from the back of the lumber yard.  ProBuild keeps seconds in a special pile in the back for when Craig comes in.  He has never gone to a lumber yard and not come back without his latest “good deal”

Yep everywhere.  Usually piled neatly (not always but usually) depends on if Troy has come behind and culled some of the really squirrelly ones out (oh squirrelly means having warps in them that make them much less than straight)  We have in the past few years with all the building brought his supply down a bit but he always replenishes it

He prides himself in the wider ones always willing to point out how much they would be full price.  There is never a shortage of lumber for any project that would cause us to need to go buy something from GASP the show floor of a hardware store.

Having a father with a small lumber yard does come in handy when you are someone like my sister who wants to build a barn for her horses and she and her husband stop by to pick up some necessities dad’s lumber yard.  It is always well stocked with whatever is needed

That is the difference between building Maynard’s way and Craig..  We will not even get into the difference between Maynard and Craig’s way and Troy and Steve’s way.  That may require a whole other blog entry