I just had to share the lunch picture today.  After snow 2 days ago, it was so nice to head out on the deck on a 60 degree day for a taste of summer.  Before I get all sorts of comment about cheese and not sauerkraut with my brat, let me tell you I detest sauerkraut.  My mother used to threaten us with not coal in our Christmas stockings if we were bad, but sauerkraut.  Not sure why she picked on sauerkraut… maybe the only thing she kept in the cupboards that she did not like too.  It was probably the same cans of sauerkraut we found in our stockings each Christmas.  So you can see where I get my bad feelings about sauerkraut.  Troy finds this all very disturbing as he loves the stuff and only gets it when he goes shopping with me and makes sure to put it in the cart himself, or when we visit his mom for her cooking.  She always has it on the table

In my book the only thing to add to this brat besides sunshine and cheese would be a ripe juicy tomato.  A taste of summer this afternoon

So lets hear in the comment section your favorite toppings for Brats… I know, I know I am going to hear sauerkraut but I can deal with it