We have been enjoying the road less traveled the last few days enjoying some sights before we get locked in for the season at the resort.  Always fun to find a road that is less traveled, there are many of those in the UP of Michigan

We started out at the Presque Isle falls I showed a week ago from pictures of a friend of mine Linda Wrobel.  Wonderful beautiful area

Exploring the many, many other waterfalls that fill the Porcupine Mountain State Park just over the boarder in the UP of Michigan.  Again it is a wonderful day trip from the resort about 2 to 2 1/2 hours from the resort depending on which end of the park you are looking at visiting

Lake of the Clouds the gem of the Park.  You go from lake shore and climb a thousand feet to look out at this small lake that is surrounded by the Porcupine Mountains.  We hiked down into the valley but that is a story for another day.