I have heard that after the robins come back they get snowed on 3 times.  How many times does a golden retriever get snowed on before he moves..  I was cleaning a cabin with the snow coming down and looked out to see mack being buried in snow.  I think he was dreaming of a fireplace and wondering how much longer I would be

The rest of the country is in a heat wave and I have snow on my Azalea bush.  Leaves curled up and cold.

No more pictures I can’t do it..  Instead I had to share a brochure I saw at the gas station today.  If you want to totally treat yourself we have a local chef who is hiring out her services.  She grocery shops for you for the items on your menu, brings her utensils to your home (or cabin) prepares the food, leaves it packaged with thawing and heating instructions.

Savour Your Thyme Personal Chef Service 715 891 2260 Heidi Backes Certified Personal Chef email:  savouryourthymenow@yahoo.com

I do believe if I wanted to pamper myself for a week I could not think of a better way to do it.  What a treat to not wonder “What is for dinner?”