What has been going on the last few days.. lots of little projects here and there

I stopped in woodruff to see a new store in downstown that carries crafts and a resale shop in the back

Cathy does several of the crafts herself with her husband and also has several local crafters displayed as well

Wood Burning is one of her specialties

Her handmade light switch covers were also neat to see

This picture is for anyone who thinks Troy has a glamorous job spraying old worm dirt out of the crannies of the bottom of the boats in 40 degree weather in leaky wadders (apparently Steve has been wearing this set for a couple of years and they now have a hole in them)  Hint to Craig, bring Troy a gift of new wadders and he will love you

Ski boat moved out of winter storage (ohh how I can’t wait to fly across Lower Kaubashine again in it) to make room for…

The guys cutting the new flooring for Wigwam.  One of their last remodeling projects before we get into spring painting and dock work

This drawing of their plans makes perfect sense to them,, but I prefer to stay blissfully ignorant of the ways of cutting linoleum and left them to throw another load of blankets in the washer.  It takes 2 months but eventually I get all the resort blankets through the laundry room