Sometimes I got to love my job, painting The Perch in the warm spring sun with a wonderful view

Mack my shadow deciding to enjoy the afternoon as well catching some rays on the steps

We got interrupted by a crazy quilting lady who decided to quilt in the sun a comfy green chair..  She was missing her other amigas Linda and Gloria, but then again there was only one green chair at the beach and the blue dock was not in yet

She was joined by a tenacious swimming bulldog.  I have not met another bulldog that likes to swim quite like Missy.  The only reason she got out is she was turning into a dogopsicle in the cold water

Chicken Little watching Missy doing loops around the raft wondering what her fascination is with the freaky wet stuff that has him hiding up on the steps

Missy’s comment to Mack “Get over it fluffy.  You have no idea what life is like not living on a lake, you have no appreciation.  Come to South Chicago for a few weeks and I will have you gazing at the lake and loving every minute of the life you have her as resort dog.  Gumbling…. purebreed nut job with no appreciation…”