You know spring is here because Craig is back and back to work on a roof.  His one big spring project he had to return for

New roof on Restawhile.  I kept renting Restawhile and closing off the times he had to work on it, so he is in a time crunch for May 11th.  Ohh and Linda will be here in about 50 days and if she sticks out again as the only one with a cabin with red rolled roofing there may be a problem…   He keeps running into issues under the roofing and calling me saying he is headed to ProBuild for more supplies, I really think he is headed to Moto Mart to restock the fridge in Restawhile with beverages.  His union working conditions he demands is to always have a working fridge not far from his project.  We are happy to comply as long as the quality of the work is insured with no leaks or he will be getting calls from Linda at midnight when the thunderstorm is causing a leak over her bed

Oh the many pictures of Miss Linda that I have.  She is lucky I found this one while searching for the one outside of Wildflower sitting on a “throne”  Don’t worry Linda, Restawhile will be ready…. really and leak free…..  maybe….   Where the adventure in vacationing with out an occasional leak or septic issue.. it is all apart of the experience especially when you get to help fix them in the rain at midnight