I knew many years ago that relaxing Mother’s Days were not going to happen.  Instead a breakfast at Paul Bunyans and back to work painting.  One painting job I can not give to anyone else painting the numbers and names on the boats

Paul Bunyan doughnuts being worked off with paint brushes and John Deere Green.  Nothing makes mom smile more than seeing green boats being painted on Mothers Day

The only thing better is seeing Jake painting the black on the beach chairs.  This is the first time that I have given this job up to him.  He hates painting boats and was happy to take on the challenge of the chairs and did a pretty good job in mom’s opinion

I took this picture a couple of days ago of the roof completely off the front of Restawhile.  At this point Craig has replaced it and it looks much better and I will post that picture tomorrow

No Mother’s Day off for you, get back to work