To all those who were disturbed by the hole in the roof pictures of Restawhile, it is done.  For some reason I seemed to disturb a few folks who were planning on staying in Restawhile in the next few weeks with pictures of the hole… did you really doubt Craig would not get it done…  Don’t you know… he always gets it done 5 minutes before the folks arrive in the driveway, it is tradition and he did it again IT IS DONE!  Everyone who stays in Restawhile can sleep a little sounder during thunderstorms knowing that there will not be a drip… drip… drip..

With Restawhile finished Craig just has a couple of halves of roofs to finish… Holiday… Norway and Shamrock come to mind and a few porch roofs Kaubashine and the entire resort will have been reroofed in the last 5 years.  Quite an accomplishment for someone who is retired from the resort.  Does this mean he can put his air gun away and we will not hear the sound of the compressor coming on… don’t hold your breath he still has some work to do.