Time to put the raft in place.  Notice the relatively calm lake as Steve starts out

Hooked up and starting out rowing.  I can do this no problem.  Paul Zaremba could not but I can

Um….where did that wind come from?  HELP I am headed to the otherside of the lake

Throw the motor in reverse and PULL!!  Wind is now really going and the motor atleast stops the drift to Semmelmeyers

GIve up and throw the anchor over board and try again once the wind goes down.  Wonder what the neighbors think of the new spot for the raft but it is not going anywhere in this wind

Even though it is in the wrong place it is time to take the first jump off of it

Snap the pic quick I can not hold this spot long

Get out of the way fish!

Time to give up for the day

A little off on position but time to call it a day.  Now to hear from Paul at what happened 30 years ago when he tried to launch the raft in a stiff wind with Craig saying, no problem you can do it.  It is still talked about to this day