You never know who is going to arrive in my driveway.  Today I had Tom Weiss a chain saw carver arrive with a truck load of his sculptures taking a few days to enjoy the Northwoods before going home.  Calling Tom a chain saw carver is not right I think I would put him in the category of chainsaw artist.  His carvings where above and beyond the basic carvings you find at most places.  He takes the time to think about which way the bears hair would lay and the expression he captures in the animals face is amazing

Tom posing with my favorite bear that I could not resist buying from him.  He is headed to stand by my front door and greet guests, the bear not Tom.

I am not a huge rooster fan but these had such attitude and I love the detail

Truck full of goodies

His eagle was not done but amazing

I love the detail in the beak.  When he finishes painting the eagle it will be amazing

This bear was on a post for a bench.  Love the bear crawling over, I have not seen poses like this before carved.

Work in progress

The negotiator arrived, thankfully Tom and I had already agreed on a price but Craig was putting in his requests

Tom is out of the Madison area and goes to events all over Wisconsin, Northern Illinois and even into Iowa.  Check out his blog for more carvings.  Gnomes, witches, trolls, pumpkins and bears, bears and more bears.  A true artist if you are looking for something for your yard that is different