It was time to put the 3rd and last pontoon boat in and bring Chicken Little along for the ride.  So far the launchings have gone smooth and everything working fine, so time to bring Mack along and work on his fears of all things on the water.  Can you see the look on his face wondering what we are doing to him

Never fear Mack, nothing goes wrong on these trips…  I have no idea why Steve is telling us to sit on the front of the pontoon boat, I am sure it has nothing to do with the fact that having weight on the front of the boat keeps it on the ball of the truck better…  really I am sure we are perfectly safe.. don’t remember the stories from last year of the pontoon boat popping off the trailer hitch and skidding down the driveway racing the truck to the launch…. No worries

Nope no worries, boat successfully launched with new chairs headed in the direction of the resort

Then why is Mack still cowering in the back of the boat?

He is keeping an eye on the godawful noise maker in the back of the boat that keeps following us.

Happily back on shore with his 4 paws back on the ground.  No stories to tell just happy to be back on solid ground not being chased by a noisemaker.  Now to work on his paranoia about car rides and sticking his head out the window