Minocqua’s Memorial Day service.  Not big but big on meaning.  Veterans first marching down the street

Boy Scouts next, wish there was a group of Girl Scouts behind them but there was not

Our combined middle school bands from MHLT (Minocqua, Hazelhurst and Lake Tomahawk), and AVW (Arbor Vitae and Woodruff)  This is their first taste of marching and the first time playing the Star Spangled Banner.  Once in highschoool they do a lot more marching but for these kids marching 2 blocks is it in elementary school

Ready to play the Star Spangled Banner, I think I know one of those kids… I do believe I paid for one of those instruments

Service and gun salute as the Memorial Day traffic goes by in the background

Why the guns….. Why the guns….. says chicken little cowering..  Parade was great, service was great but why the guns….. TAKE ME HOME!