Summer has arrived and I could fill the blog full of summer fun pics today but instead I thought it would be fun to share a blog entry I found from a new family this weekend in Muskie Inn.  Written by 2 sisters I think it sums up the effect of coming to the Cliff, it even makes teenagers more relaxed

Saturday May 26, 2012

This cabin is beautiful!  I adore it and never want to leave from the hanging bed I’m on.  I never get even a drop of rain and I have a beautiful veiw of the lake.  It is a little chilly in the mornings though.

I really like fishing and we just got back from out on the lake.  I hate worms and don’t touch fish, so all I do is sit on the bench and reel.  This time was different though.  It was my first time in a rowboat with a motor attached.  We were in a great place for fishing.  I snagged a fish and when I set the hook the fish came flying at me.  I didn’t know where it was until my dad pointed out that it was in on my lap.  I screamed jumped up, and almost toppled out of the boat.  The fish peed on me.  It was a tiny bluegill which totally matched the boat we were on, The Bluegill.  Otherwicse nothing too horribly exciting happened.  Oh my brother kept pushing me into the lake.

My dad’s girlfriend and my sister had a teatherball tournament.  Jen totally whooped my sister.  It was hilarious.  There is so much more that I want to write, but if I do, I might fill the whole book.  I hope you have as good a time here as I did


Augusta, WI (teeny tiny town)

May 28th, 2012

That was my sister on the other page.  Sadly I was the one who was whipped in tetherball.

Ok so at first a weekend with my family sounded pretty bad but we got here and it was so much fun.

I would definitely recommend going to the Wildwood Wildlife Park.  It was one of the best zoos that I have been to.  They let some of the animals walk around and you get to touch them and feed them.  I got to pet a baby fawn and feed otters.  They are so cute

All in all it was a great trip



Augusta, WI (we really are a teeny tiny town)

Thanks girls for making me smile this morning