No blog entries the last couple of days…  been a little busy cleaning cabins and having a little fun in the sun

Others took it a little slower

There is a fish down there somewhere..  Nothing like an afternoon in the sun on a row boat without a care in the world

Others like Annette above were learning how to dock their boat for the first time.  At the same time, Jake was bringing the red boat in and trying to dock it at the end of the ski dock and camera was abandoned as he was coming in too fast and Annette was happy to not have her picture taken either.  Not sure who got the award for best dock attempt Annette or Jake

Heading back from the fish house with their fillets

Howard Berchtold with a different bike..  Usually he has a green Schwinn from the 1960’s and apparently it is still in storage and he had the gray one out.  Not sure it is Howard without the green bike

Summer is here, lets get the party started!