We hosted our first graduation party this weekend.  I hear Black’s Cliff has become a buzz word for easy way to destress when all the relatives are coming to town for graduation, call Jenny and book a big house and your life becomes Zen.  This weekend it was Ivy’s party at Red Pine

Matt “Ivy” Iverson enjoying the congrats of his family and friends on the deck of Red Pine.  He has received a full scholarship to play basketball at Northern Michigan University in Marquette.  Ivy is 6’10 and Jake at 6’2 has been backing him up along with his friend Bryon at 6’4.  I think Jake and Bryon will see a lot more playing time now that Ivy is heading to Michigan.  Congrats to him and his family on a lot of hard work to earn a D1 scholarship.  Can’t wait to see him play on TV

All those crazy Iverson’s and Broadheads enjoying some post graduation fun.  It was definitely lively

Thanks for Phil Z from the Heiniken group a few weeks ago who left behind this great larger grill.  It was well used this weekend.  I had no idea they made charcoal grills in this shape.  May see a few more popping up around the resort if I can find them.

Kathy’s cake balls.  Troy loved these.  I prefer to bypass cake when chocolate peanut butter balls are right next door. Delicious.  Kathy knows how to cook!

Good Luck Ivy in your new endeavors in life beyond the boarders of Minocqua.  We will be looking for dunks on ESPN