The Rose Family arrived to Bear Den. Luz has a tradition of making Columbian breakfast called Caldo.  Specially seasoned eggs served with Caldo, roast beef so tender it falls apart added to a potato soup.  Luz informed us it is the Columbian cure for hangovers as well as a good breakfast.

Here is a link about Caldo

Everytime they come Luz makes her special breakfast for the guys, especially Craig.  I happened to go looking for them and found them not working but enjoying breakfast while I was working

What has been keeping them busy?  Finishing up the steps at Bear Den.  They have done a great job redoing them.  I have heard from unnamed sources that in the past these steps have been dangerous for folks that have had a few cocktails.  After I took these pics a hand rail went in as well

Luz coming down to sit on the new deck and enjoy the view.

While we were talking, mama duck came up the steps to inspect

I think she heard Luz and was remembering the treats Luz had given her earlier.

After inspecting she went down to sit on the log with her chicks.  It was funny to see all those fluffy balls out at the end of the log by Bear Den