Chris and Wendy shared their week in pictures with me.

They were joined by their son Andy and his girlfriend for the week.  I always love watching couples row boats and it is always interesting seeing if they end up backwards or forwards

She was determined to get that boat in the right direction

What form!  Yep Chris has rowing down

While out on the water the Loon showed up

Quick stop for the traditional breakfast with Paul Bunyan and a pick with the new statues outside the restaurant

What vacation is all about

I love getting someone else’s photo perspective

Sign of a good vacation a nap on a swinging bed

Thanks to Chris and Wendy for sharing their pictures and a big hello from them to the Messerschmidt family.  I know Jessica is a daily blog watcher and will give her mom Anita a call and walk her through finding the Birchbark Blog on the internet to see pictures of their old friends from vacations years ago when their kids were all the same age